Event Name:UCLA Geek Week 2017, Kick-Off Event
Event Date: 04/03/2017
Point of Contact: Joseph P.

Event Rundown: It was the UCLA Campus Annual Kick Off to their Geek Week. The Garrison purpose was for photos and meet and greet opportunities..

SCG Approved Attendees:
Emmanuel P. TK-52227 Stormtrooper
Itzzia C. TK-38282 Stormtrooper
Andrew B. TD-21650 Stormtrooper
Sean C. TK- 77779 Stormtrooper
Chris E. TK-87007 Stormtrooper
Taylor F. TK-21808 Shoretrooper
Nicole L. TK-92886 Stormtrooper
Lily L. BH-50206 Boushh
Conrad L. TK-50106 Stormtrooper

Additional Attendees:
Joseph P. 17315
Nicole L. TK-92886
Itzzia C. TK38282

Additional Notes: Thank You, to everyone for another display of the Garrison at its best!

Troop Photo Links:

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