Mission Statement

Covering the County of Orange, the mission of the Orange County Squad is to foster strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie among Orange County troopers, to assist our fellow troopers (and troopers-to-be) with their costume builds and to promote the charitable work of the Southern California Garrison and 501st Legion and our love of Star Wars in Orange County.

Vision Statement

To increase the Southern California Garrison and 501st Legion’s visibility in Orange County, by increasing our numbers to 100 OC Squad troopers by the end of 2016.

Welcome Statement

Welcome to the Orange County Squad! We are one of the newest squads to the Southern California Garrison. We currently have over 70 active members in our squad and our numbers are growing at an exciting rate! Our Squad is proud to represent the Southern California Garrison and 501st Legion in Orange County! We enthusiastically invite you to become part of the excitement in the “OC” and contact us with any questions you may have concerning the 501st Legion’s presence in Orange County. Our troopers come from a wide variety of backgrounds from set designers and educators to philanthropists and members of local government. We are a diverse group of troopers who all share in a common bond: our love of Star Wars, costuming and charity.

May the Force Be with You!

Rob Stelmar TK-5621
Orange County Squad Leader
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