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Event Name:Mathew’s super trooper
Event Date: 04/08/2017
Point of Contact: Marlon ortiz

Event Rundown: The troopers arrived and hung out. I introduced everyone to the host which informed us she had hired an Easter bunny to entertain the kids but he cancelled. She was so grateful to have us!

After the walk the troopers took pictures with the kids and families. The host gave us food and was very happy to have us.

SCG Approved Attendees:
Katie S. ID-20661 Admiral Dalaa
Brenden P.  TK-13420 Stormtrooper
Brian W. TI-17333 TIE Pilot
Sarah K. TX-43666 Shoretrooper
Johnnie C TI-11854 TIE Reserve
John M. TX-69269 Scout Trooper
Randy B. Sl-55177  Darth Vader
Tony B. TX-12015 Shadow Scout Trooper
Phil R. SL-55188 Darth Revan
Andrew B. CC-12193 Commander Fox
Jason W. TK-19818 Stormtrooper
Rando M. TX-13999 Shadow Scout
Gabe G. BH-6378 Boba Fett
Marlon O. TI-20660 TIE Reserve
Christopher Q. ID-10982 Imperial Officer
Christopher B. CT-69770 Commander Cody
Rob L. TI-76642 TIE Pilot
Robert L-S. TR-30147 Shadow Imperial Guard
Kelvin P. CT-81890 Commander Wolffe
Jose Luis R. TK-91673  Stormtrooper
Wayne C. TI-11781 TIE Reserve

Additional Attendees:
Jeff D.- Solo
Christopher B. Comet

Galactic Academy:
Aidan W. CTI-2603 TIE Reserve

Lex O. (Per Marlon)
Lindsay L, ID11447
Brent R.

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name:Autism Awareness Fest
Event Date: 04/08/2017
Point of Contact: Jonathan K.

Event Rundown: This was our first year of attending the California Mentor’s Autism Fest. We provided photo ops while we mingled around for the day.
There was lots of activities for the attendees all while raising awareness and funds for the Autism community during National Autism month.

SCG Approved Attendees:
Jonathan K. SL-11606 Pre-Armor Vader
Bill M. TI-38411 TIE Pilot
Teri M. TK-21129 Stormtrooper
Stacie A. TI-21125 TIE Pilot
Taylor F. ST-21808 Shoretrooper
John P. TK-46540 Stormtrooper
Dawn B. SL-13377 Kylo Ren
Lenny F. TK-13788 Stormtrooper
Arnold S. TI-42274 TIE Pilot
Miguel M. TI-64449 TIE Pilot
Trevor S. TX-9087  Shadow Biker Scout
Michael C. CC-50122 Commander Rex

Additional Attendees: Rebel Legion
Rayda S.  Jedi
Jennifer E.  Rey

Lori S.
Kit S.

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name:Yuri’s Night Gala
Event Date: 04/08/2017
Point of Contact: Kit S.

Event Rundown: We were invited by the Rebel Legion to help out with taking photos & adding in to the atmosphere of their space themed gala for a fun night if fundraising under the Endeavor!

SCG Approved Attendees:
Edgar A. TK-51342 Stormtrooper
Kyle R. TI-17204 TIE
Russell R. TK-20017 Stormtrooper
Rob L. TI-76642 TIE
William G. TK-90277 Stormtrooper
Emmanuel P. TK-52227 Stormtrooper
Teri M. TK-21129 Stormtrooper
Bill M. TI-38411 TIE

Additional Attendees:
Trevor S. Flame Trooper
Danny A. Death Trooper

Rebel Legion:
Natalie B. Leia
Kristina G. X-Wing
Jeff D. Han Solo
Lisa S. Rey
Andrew B. Commander Fox
Shawn C. Obi-Wan

Kit S.
Brent R.

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:

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