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Event Name:Fun 4 Kids Preschool Open House
Event Date: 05/19/2017
Point of Contact: Erik J – TK76253

Event Rundown: Every year the Fun 4 Kids school puts together a Annual Open House for their current families and for the public to come at have a great time at the school. Classrooms were decorated with work from the students for the parents, and there were vendors and a pony ride as well. The 501st was invited to this event for photo ops and atmosphere. walking through the classrooms as well as having photo ops outside. The kids loved us and their parents couldn’t have been happier!

SCG Approved Attendees:
Erik J. TK-76253 Stormtrooper
Lindsay L. ID-11447 Staff Officer
Richard B. TK-17695 Stormtrooper
David S. TI-97531 TIE Pilot
Randy B. SL-55177 Darth Vader

Additional Attendees: Rebel Legion:
Rachel B. Rey

Galactic Academy:
Alaestor J. CKOR2903 Kylo Ren

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name:8th Grade Celebration
Event Date: 05/17/2017
Point of Contact: John P.

Event Rundown: We were invited to come out to celebrate the ending of 8th grade with the students who are moving on to high school.
We greeted them upon their arrival as well as took lots of photos on their special day.

SCG Approved Attendees:
John P. TK-46450 Stormtrooper
Kyle R. TI-17204  TIE Pilot
Kyle P. TX-23701 Shadow Stormtrooper
Darren M. ID-88800 Imperial Officer
Ross P. TK-18592 Stormtrooper
Denny D. TK -14303 HW Stormtrooper
Bill M. TI-38411 TIE Pilot
Sean C. SL-77779 Darth Vader
Jacob G. TI-86267 TIE Pilot
Lindsay L. ID-11447  Imperial Officer
Justin H. TB-36000 Biker Scout
Jose Z. CT-26030 Clone Trooper

Additional Attendees: Galactic Academy
Maddie R.  CREB-1846  Sabine Wren
Olivia C. CLOR-2928 Princess Leia

Brilea K.

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name:Laurelglen Daycare Runnin for Ronald
Event Date: 05/16/2017
Point of Contact: Adam R, 97432

Event Rundown: This event is a fundraiser held afterschool to benefit the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House. The event can transition from outside to inside for photos.

SCG Approved Attendees:
Vard T. TK-43548 Stormtrooper
Stacey R. TR-91727 Imperial Knight
Adam R. TK-97432 Stormtrooper
Herbert V. TB-71979 Scout Trooper
Marc M. TK-41368 Stormtrooper
Sarah young ST:51987 Shore Trooper

Additional Attendees: R2 Builders:
Brian C. -Chopper

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:

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