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Event Name: Long Beach ComicCon
Event Date: 09/27 & 28/2014
Point of Contact: Rob S.

Event Rundown: LBCC was a huge success! Over two days we introduced many people to the 501st, put countless smiles on children and adult faces, shared our love of Star Wars and raised over $1,300 for Children’s Hospital of Orange County!

SCG Approved Attendees:


Carlos F. TX-5703 Shadowtrooper

Matt M. SL-41130 Nihilus

Stephanie H. TB-4946 Biker Scout
Daryl H. TI-8086 Tie Pilot
Drew Hannah IG-4237 Imperial Gunner
Cesar L. TK-18690 Stormtrooper
Jason C. BH-32571 Jango Fett
Dawn B. SL-13377 Darth Sidious

Nate F. TK-11388 Stormtrooper

Derek D. TK-27555 Stormtrooper
Andrew S. TI-91750 Tie Pilot
Kerry L. SL-6233 Revan
Jeremy T. TK-10395 Stormtrooper
Jesse L. TK-20515 Stormtrooper


Carlos F. TX-5703 Shadowtrooper

Jason C. BH-32571 Jango Fett

Randy F. TB 21193 Biker Scout

Jessie L. TK- 20515 Stormtrooper

Matt S. TX-4202 Shadowtrooper

Roy C. TI-10351 Tie Pilot

Mickey B. TB-81974 Biker Scout

Tim K. IN-1066 Imperial Navy Trooper

Stephanie S. TS-80083 Snowtrooper


Additional Attendees:

Rob S.

Matt S.

Scott A.

Don T.  Stormtrooper

Corey L.

Lawerance G.

Scott A. RL- Chewbacca

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name: Rosamond Armed Forces Day Parade
Event Date: 09/27/2014
Point of Contact: James C.

Event Rundown: 501st & Rebel Legion established a presence in Rosamond by walking the Parade route for the appreciation of wounded warriors and veterans. We also took home 1st place trophy for our group.

SCG Approved Attendees:

James C. DZ-6594 Tusken
Rafael G. TI- 8616 Tie Pilot
Chris C. TK-7293 Stormtrooper
Edgar A. TK-51342 Stormtrooper
Trevor S. TX-9087 Shadow Scout

Additional Attendees:

Additional Notes:

Rebel Legion:

Amanda R. – Rebel Pilot, Hazard 44

Galatic Academy:
Chace C.-  0875 Han Solo

Troop Photo Links:

AF .07


Event Name: MDA Picnic
Event Date: 09/27/2014
Point of Contact: Lesley F. online, Todd M. onsite

Event Rundown: This is a long running event for us. The MDA kids and their families has a picnic where they can relax together, eat, play and have some fun! They are some of our biggest fans! We played with the kids and had a good time with taking photos and meet n greets.

SCG Approved Attendees:

Mike M. TC-33288 Clone

Billy H. TD-20492 Sandtrooper

Victor S. TD-21782 Sandtrooper

Christina L. TK-50154 Stormtrooper

Nicholas R. TK-4516 Stormtrooper

Corey D. TS-31602 Snowtrooper Commander

Jennifer D. TR-12402 Royal Guard

Todd M. DZ-8559 Tusken

Additional Attendees:

Howard S. RL –  Jedi

Matt S. RL – RFT

Christine M. Wrangler

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Link

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