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Event Name:John Williams Tribute Concert
Event Date: 04/02/2017
Point of Contact: Daniel Phelan

Event Rundown: Night three of the John Williams Tribute Concert! Just like the other nights, we met with guests before, during intermission, and after the show.

SCG Approved Attendees:
Paul M. SL-86891 Darth Vader
Itzzia C. TK-38282 Stormtrooper
Dan P. TD-20711 Sandtrooper

Additional Attendees:
Scott G. X-Wing Pilot

Additional Notes: After the event, the host told me she was so happy with us helping at her event that she will be donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation on our behalf!

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name:Walk In The Vines For Autism
Event Date: 04/02/2017
Point of Contact: Sean M.

Event Rundown: We were invited to join in the festivities in support of autism awareness on World Autism Day. All funds raised went to fill wish lists for Special Education teachers and therapists for much needed technology items to assist in speech and more. We took tons of photos and give out high fives to all walking and joining in the Fun Fair.

SCG Approved Attendees:
Teri M.Teri M. TK-21129 Stormtrooper
Denny D. TK-14303 Stormtrooper
Bill M. TI-38411 TIE Pilot
Christopher Q. ID-10982 Imperial Officer
Kyle R. TI-17204 FO TIE Pilot
Nic S. IG-32172 Imperial Gunner
Jesse V. BH-10157 Jango Fett
Sean C. TK-77779 Stormtrooper
Todd M. ST-8559 Shoretrooper (Imperial Sands Garrison)
Ken S. TK-14174 Stormtrooper (Imperial Sands Garrison)
Nick F. TD-10813 Sandtrooper (Imperial Sands Garrison)
Paul F. DZ-5178 Jawa (Imperial Sands Garrison)
Lesley F. DZ-3774 Jawa (Imperial Sands Garrison)
Scott W. TK-13006 Stormtrooper (Imperial Sands Garrison)
Cat W. TK-13324 Stormtrooper (Imperial Sands Garrison)
Milton H. DZ-52567 Tusken (Imperial Sands Garrison)
Jeremiah W. TI-3633 TIE Pilot (Imperial Sands Garrison)
Marcus H. TD-2311 Sandtrooper (Imperial Sands Garrison)

Additional Attendees:
Sean M. Sandtrooper

Galactic Academy:
Maddie R. CREB-1846 Sabine Wren
Kenzie M. CREY-2498 Rey
Evan S. 1700 Rebel Fleet Trooper

Tabitha B.

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name:Dia Del Ninos at the Santa Barbara Zoo
Event Date: 04/02/2017
Point of Contact: Scott H. TD-93110

Event Rundown: There was a turnout of approximately 3,500 people for Dia Del Ninos (Children’s Day) at the Santa Barbara Zoo. The event was totally awesome and we trooped continuously from 1:30 – 4:30 with a small break in between. All characters were introduced on stage and then posed for what seemed like hundreds of photos with Star Wars fans. We were given a guided tour of the exhibits and made sure that the force was strong with the lions, giraffes, gorillas, and meerkats (right Stephanie HH?)! The golden tamarin monkeys were totally digging the costumes and were clinging to the cage checking us out. This was a perfect event for trooping and we hope to be back soon!

SCG Approved Attendees:
Scott H. TD-93110 Sandtrooper
Stephanie H. H. TB-4946 Scout Trooper
Katie B. TB-32479 Scout Trooper
Arnel TB-6479 Shoretrooper
Chad B. TI-2121 TIE Pilot
Ryan J. TK-24210 Stormtrooper
Lisa J. TI-24211 TIE Reserve
Drew H. IG-4237 Imperial Gunner

Additional Attendees:
Rebel Legion:
Leiana F. – Jedi

Galactic Academy:
Evan H. CTK 2708
Connor H. CKOR 2709

Wendy G
Mando G.
Jackie B. TB 21032

Additional Notes: The Santa Barbara Zoo had a massive changing area, lots of water and great snacks. Super big thanks guys!

Troop Photo Links:

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