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Event Name: MDA Studio City Charity Walk
Event Date: 02/04/2012
Point of Contact: Glen B.

Event Rundown: Event support, crowd entertainment and pics with walkers

SCG Approved Attendees:

Edward S. 9060

Glen B. TC-602 Clone

Mic S. TR-9199 Royal Guard

Additional Attendees:

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name: A Day with the Pacific Symphony
Event Date: 02/04/2012
Point of Contact: Lesley F.

Event Rundown: Everything went GREAT! We did a before-concert set, a quick picture with the conductor between sets, a group pic in the lobby, and a second set that was after the second concert. We were a HIT with the fans and especially the little ones.

SCG Approved Attendees:

Anthony T. TB-5549 Scout Trooper

Carlos F. TK-5703 Stormtrooper

Dean A. TK-2643 Stormtrooper

Devin F. 4966

Mariannie N. TX-3639 Shadow Stormtrooper

Matt R. TK-3425 Stormtrooper

Terry E. BH-4667 BobaFett

Tom B. TK-7151 Stormtrooper

Victor J. TR-4572 Royal Guard

Additional Attendees:

Rebel Legion:
Joslynn B.ROTS Senate Padme/Jedi
Christina A.Jedi (with Wrangler)
Jenna L. Padme/Princess Leia/Q’Anilia

Quincy D. Commander Wolffe Clone
Al E. R2D2
HannaH E.Ewok
Stone E. Ewok
Zadrina E. Boushh


Angela A.
Coral R. Jawa
Lisa B. Photographer
Daryl Hokama

Lesley F. photographer/POC

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name: Deutsch Advertising Super Bowl party
Event Date: 01/31/2012
Point of Contact: Daniel W.

Event Rundown: We were there as support to debut the newest VW commercial for the Staff.  We split off into to 3 groups and walked the offices and ushered everyone into the the their eating room. Vader was already inside to greet the employees. When everyone was crammed in the room, speeches were given by executives and those who lead the team on the new commercial. We all got to see Barkside and then an early viewing of the new work. Then we took pictures with the staff.

SCG Approved Attendees:

Giacinto P. SL-2766 Darth Vader

Kit S. TK-2384 Stormtrooper

Quincy D. TC-6385 Clone

Rafael G. TK-8616 Stormtrooper

Trevor S. 9087

Additional Attendees:

Rebel Legion
Lisa C. Leia
Rob E. Jedi
Scott M. Jedi
Jessica M. Geonosis Padme
Lawrence G. Jedi Luke
Shawn C. Obi-wan w/Yoda

Jenna L.-
Lori- Photos

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:

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