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Event Name:Camp McDonald Walk For Kids
Event Date: 04/02/2017
Point of Contact: Greg B.

Event Rundown: We where invited by the Rebel Legion to join in for the Camp Ronald McDonald Walk!
We did lots of photos with all the kids and families there for the walk.

SCG Approved Attendees:
Sarah P. TB-546 Scout Trooper
Kai K. CC-41255 Commander Wolffe

Additional Attendees: Rebel Legion:
Joshua C. Luke
Jasmine P. Rey
Heather W. Leia
Megan N. X-Wing
Andrew B. Commander Fox

Greg B.
Kelsey L.

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name:5th Annual Bakersfield Kids Get Messy
Event Date: 04/01/2017
Point of Contact: Adam R. 97432

Event Rundown: This was San Joaquins 5th time working with this Fun Event, Proceeds to benefit Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House

SCG Approved Attendees:
Brandon B. ID-42986 Imperial Staff Officer
Joel A. TA-86402 AT-AT Driver
Adam R. TK-97432 Stormtrooper
Scott G. TS-7740 Snowtrooper
Chris A. Sl-79513 Darth Nihilus
Ross G. TK-50785 Stormtrooper
Chris C. ST-55187 Shoretrooper
Stacey R. TR-91727 Imperial Knight
Vard T. TK-43548 Stormtrooper
Phil F. TB-28000 Scouttrooper
Jason E. TK-72283 Battle Damaged Stormtrooper

Additional Attendees: R2 Club:
Will G. R2
Brian C. Chopper

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:


Event Name:John Williams Tribute Concert
Event Date: 04/01/2017
Point of Contact: Daniel Phelan

Event Rundown: Night two of the John Williams Tribute Concert! Again, we mingled with guests before, during intermission, and after the show.

SCG Approved Attendees:
Paul M. SL-86891 Darth Vader
Scott G. DZ-25660 Tusken
Itzzia C. TK-38282 Stormtrooper
Dan P TD-20711 Stormtrooper

Additional Attendees:

Additional Notes:

Troop Photo Links:

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